What is loan modification?

At Blalock Law Offices, P.A., we understand that many people want to try alternative solutions prior to declaring bankruptcy. I promise to take the time to counsel you one-on-one to determine if alternatives to bankruptcy, such as loan modification, are an appropriate solution for your circumstances.

A loan modification can involve a reduction or increase in monthly payment amount, principal amount or interest rate. While many types of loans may be modified, a home mortgage is perhaps the most common. A well-timed mortgage modification can help you prevent the foreclosure process and therefore avoid taking the more drastic action of declaring Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

What are typical loan modification disputes?

Typically, loan modifications are sought and granted when a borrower is having difficulty keeping up with payments and the lender would prefer to avoid default and collection. While loan modification can be a powerful tool to restructure your debt, it is not without some issues.

Despite numerous benefits to both lender and creditor, loan modifications can be a tricky legal area to the uninitiated. A competent lawyer from Blalock Law Offices can assist and guide you through the process.

Asheboro attorney handles loan modification disputes

The greatest benefit of hiring an attorney to handle your debt issues is that you no longer have to deal with the creditors. Once you are represented by me, I handle each and every creditor. By having an experienced attorney handle your loan modification, you can reduce your daily stress and anxiety. Furthermore, you have the peace of mind of knowing that your modification is being managed by an experienced attorney to whom this process is extremely familiar. If you have further questions regarding loan modification or bankruptcy, please see our frequently asked questions page for additional information.

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Loan modification is an area in which some lenders misbehave and try to take advantage of borrowers. I know that lenders try these tricks because, prior to founding Blalock Law Offices, P.A., I worked as an attorney on the creditor side. I stand up for you to get you back on the path to financial health. Please call my office today at (336) 274-2343 or contact us online.


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